Sketches from Babaji's Notebook: Hanumanāsana

April 04, 2018

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  1. Stand tall with both legs together.
  2. Bring the hands into Namaskar (Namastē) pose.
  3. Step the left leg in front, start sliding/skidding the right leg backwards until both legs touch the ground. (Keep sliding/skidding both legs; the two legs come to rest in the form of a long line.) MODIFICATION: Perform the pose over two bolsters or a chair.
  4. Keep the body upright and the spine aligned, hands in Namaskar.
  5. Come out of it by bringing your hands to the floor, bending the front knee deeply, and walk it back, sweeping the foot underneath your seat, drawing the back leg to meet it and sitting in Vajrāsana or Virāsana.
  6. Come to standing and repeat on other leg.
  7. Variation: After practicing on each leg this way, practice sliding/skidding both legs to the side.

Repetitions: Doing it 2 times is sufficient.

Breath: Breathe naturally.


  • Strengthens the waistline, hips, legs, thighs
  • Supports/nourishes anal and genital muscles
  • Both men and women can do this.