Vīrabhadrasana II (Warrior 2)

April 15, 2018 • Featured Āsana

Teaching Vīrabhadrasana II

Standing Postures

Standing postures teach the principles of correct movement and improve postural anomalies. They are invigorating and energizing and tend to be heating, increase circulation to the periphery of the body as a whole. 

Āyurvedic Perspective: Standing postures are especially good for kapha dosha.

Below are some common postural alignment principles for Vīrabhadrasana II.

Overarching of the lower back or forward tilting of the pelvic girdle:

  • If you've determined manual adjustment is appropriate (and asked if unsure), lightly touch the lower back and have the student draw the lower abdomen toward your hand.
  • Or instruct and demonstrate a posterior pelvis tilt to establish a neutral pelvis.

Pitching forward of the upper body:

  • If manual adjustment is appropriate, lightly touch the upper back and have the student draw back into your hand until alignment is reached.
  • Or demonstrate the return movement of the misaligned spine back to vertical.

Bent knee pitches inward, past the foot:

  • Indicate with your hand on the floor the point to where you want the student to move the foot.
  • And/or instruct the student to turn the pelvis forward enough to realign the knee.