Amelia Barili: ONLINE: Power of Yoga and Qigong for Creativity and Self Healing

Aug 7 - 9, 2020


The practitioners of ancient healing traditions of India and China have known for thousands of years something that recent medical studies are just now confirming in our western culture: that the human body is not simply a biological machine but a vast energetic network. When our life energy is in balance we are healthy. If the balance is broken through stress, fear, grief, etc., our vital energy gets blocked and pain and disease set in. In order to heal ourselves, it is essential for us to let go of stagnant energy and regain our balance. Drawing from the healing wisdom traditions of India and China, Dr. Amelia Barili will teach you:

* to map and trace the main energy channels in your body
* to recognize how different types of emotions affect each organ and healing meditations for each one
* to gather and store energy from nature and increase your vitality
* acupressure style self-massage and release points to keep your energy flowing
* a form of breathing that balances and integrates both sides of the brain

These time-tested techniques are so simple that anyone can practice them. Practitioners experience increased energy and vitality, better sleep, less stress, improved concentration, enhanced performance and better relationships. Recommended for anyone who wants to lead a healthy and deeply satisfying life, as well as for counseling and health-care professionals. Women find this practice very beneficial to alleviate PMS, menopausal symptoms and disorders in the urinary and reproductive system.


Amelia Barili

Amelia Barili

Amelia Barili, Ph.D. received her diploma in Yoga Therapy and Philosophy, 1972, at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, India. She is an internationally respected yoga teacher and a disciple of Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, the 27th inheritor of the Taoist Medical Qigong system. A pioneer at integrating both wisdom traditions, she is also an award-winning faculty at UC Berkeley and the Osher Life Long Learning Institute, where she teaches youth and older adults a systematic mindfulness, heartfulness and bodyfulness approach for personal and community transformation.

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