Online | Re-discovering Joy with Yoga and Qigong

Jun 18 - 19, 2022


Online Workshop with Amelia Barili

In the ancient wisdom traditions of India and China, summer is the season of nourishing our heart and cultivating a sense of joy.

For many months, we have been enduring personal and community challenges because of the pandemic, the threat of a nuclear war and other ecological disasters. All of that is depleting us and throwing us out of balance. Many of us are still trying to cope with our anxiety levels. We are looking for ways to regain our energy, purpose, and appreciation of our daily life in these disheartening times.

Drawing from the teachings of Classical Yoga and Qigong, and from the most recent discoveries of the Neuroscience of Meditation, Amelia Barili will teach you in this workshop how to let go of anxiety and fear, and to cultivate inner peace and a deep sense of joy.

Together we will practice;

  • Effective techniques to interrupt negative thoughts
  • A form of breathing to find peace while deepening your attention inwards
  • Powerful release points and gentle stretches to let go of anxiety, fear, and depression
  • Meditations to embody what Neuroscience tells us about how to help your heart and brain resonate together in peace
  • A simple technique to experience take heart every morning and throughout your days
  • A way of cooling yourself when you are heating up
  • Mindful movements to nourish your heart and celebrate the aliveness of summer

You will experience better sleep and better digestion; a stronger immune system and nervous system; better relationships; a more clear and effective decision taking, and greater joy.

These practices are easy to learn. They are recommended for anyone wanting to lead a healthy life and for counselors and health professionals assisting others in regaining their health.



  • 10:30am–12:00pm & 2:00–3:30pm


  • 10:30am–12:30pm

Sliding Scale: $50 – $300+

Register online or call Programs office at 408.846.4090


Amelia Barili

Amelia Barili

Amelia Barili, Ph.D. received her diploma in Yoga Therapy and Philosophy, 1972, at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, India. She is an internationally respected yoga teacher and a disciple of Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, the 27th inheritor of the Taoist Medical Qigong system. A pioneer at integrating both wisdom traditions, she is also an award-winning faculty at UC Berkeley and the Osher Life Long Learning Institute, where she teaches youth and older adults a systematic mindfulness, heartfulness and bodyfulness approach for personal and community transformation.

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