Online | Resilience and Inner Guidance in Uncertain Times

Nov 19 - 20, 2022


Online Workshop with Amelia Barili

We all need tools to find peace and purpose in the midst of challenges. In troubled times we feel besieged with negative emotions that rob us of the clarity and resilience we need to implement the changes we want to bring forth in our world. Drawing from the wisdom traditions of India and China, the Neuroscience of Resilience, Buddhist teachings and many years of experience, Amelia Barili will teach you powerful practices to reconnect to your own inner sources of guidance, strength and healing.

These time-tested techniques are so simple that anyone can practice them, reaping increased energy and inner peace, improved health, better sleep and better relationships. Recommended for anyone seeking to cultivate an inner space of relaxation, repair and growth, as well as for counseling and healthcare professionals.

The focus of this retreat will be to prepare ourselves to work effectively with challenges and difficulties, cultivating resilience and inner strength. Learning and practicing together these easy and powerful healing practices will support us in understanding ourselves and others and invite greater healing in our life.



  • 10:30am–12:00pm & 3:00–5:00pm


  • 11:00am–1:00pm

Sliding Scale: $50 – $300+

Register online or call Programs office at 408.846.4090

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Amelia Barili, Ph.D.

Amelia Barili, Ph.D. received her diploma in Yoga Therapy and Philosophy, 1972, at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, India. She is an internationally respected yoga teacher and a disciple of Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, the 27th inheritor of the Taoist Medical Qigong system. A pioneer at integrating both wisdom traditions, she is also an award-winning faculty at UC Berkeley and the Osher Life Long Learning Institute, where she teaches youth and older adults a systematic mindfulness, heartfulness and bodyfulness approach for personal and community transformation.

In this video, Amelia Barili and Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D., author of the Polyvagal Theory, discuss witnessing our inner processes and empowering our Inner Witness through meditation and other contemplative practices: The Power of Your Nervous System for Healthy Relationships and Self-Healing.

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