LIVE Online Breakthrough Experience

Apr 25, 2021 • 1:00 - 4:00pm

Groundwork for a liberated life free of struggle, worry, and exhaustion!

You will experience profound emotional relief, touch deep inner peace, and access clear soul guidance for your life!

  • Find liberation from worry and overwhelm.
  • Access deep inner peace and find out how to sustain it no matter what’s happening around you. Become the eye of the storm where the sun is always shining.
  • Let your body heal. Release the stress and tension you have carried for months, if not years!
  • Know your worth, and find deep self-confidence where other people’s opinions or expectations don’t bother or limit you any longer.
  • Access the freedom to be fully authentically in your power of your unique gifts and talents! Stop holding yourself back from going for what you desire to create in life!
  • Tap into the power of your Soul Purpose. Stop staying in situations that are not honoring of you. Get clear on your dreams and desires and start moving towards them with courage and confidence.
  • Start thriving (yes, even during these tumultuous times)!
"I have been doing yoga for 13 years and am a child of the self-help movement. Yet, even with all that I knew there was still something missing. Julia's breath of love work opened up channels of love in ways I have never felt before! If you are wanting to remove the blocks of pain for good then invest in this blissful transformational work." Hillary Rubin, Nationally Recognized Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
"There have been many questions in my mind about how to accomplish goals of God's purpose for me and how to get there from here. I had been listening to many other people's advice... The session with Julia blasted through my confusion, in an Instant all of the questions that were bothering me were answered and I felt at one with my innate intelligence and the Universal Wisdom and Love." Vincent Ruffino, Certified Biofeedback Technician. New Orleans, LA

About the Presenter

Julia Mikk Headshot

Julia Mikk, born in Estonia and now living in the U.S., is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, bestselling author, and founder of Breath of Love work. During the last 20 years she has worked with thousands of people worldwide.

Julia’s sessions instantly change people's lives. Her clients come from many different countries to experience the Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody the courage to live their soul purpose using this very same powerful healing process that will be introduced in this 3 hour workshop.

Many have said that it's like no other healing work style out there. It is very powerful, incredibly efficient and quick in its ability to break through stagnant patterns. Yet, even though the work comes with a powerful force of light, it also offers an astounding depth of gentleness and nourishment.

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