Re-membering Humberto Maturana: The Person and the Ideas

Sep 7 - 10, 2023

Celebrating the Work of Humberto Maturana

Join us for the first ever in-person weekend gathering to remember, celebrate, and be inspired by the work of Humberto Maturana. Being together will evoke unavoidable transformative questions and make space for reflecting about the history of his ideas and his collaboration with Ximena and Sebastián Gaggero. The journey will go from biology of cognition to molecular autopoiesis to cultural-biology. If you wonder about the nature of humanness and wish to experience a liberating session, this retreat gathering is a place for you. This time together will make us more connected and aware.

Tuition & fees:

$350 per person + meals and lodging

Financial Accessibility: We aim for this retreat to be as accessible as possible. If you wish to request a scholarship, please email

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September 7-10th, 2023

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Re-membering Humberto Maturana, September 7 - 10, 2023

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​Financial Accessibility

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Please join us for Wednesday Talks!

Reflections on the work of Dr. Humberto Maturana

These free sessions featuring the work of Humberto are open to everyone interested in the history and present of his original ideas.

June 7, 2023 at 9:00am PT What is it to know?
July 5, 2023 at 9:00am PTHow do we reflect as observers of each other?
August 2, 2023 at 9:00am PT What is languaging?
September 6, 2023 at 9:00am PT In what time do we live?

Registration is FREE! Please sign up in advance on the Matriztica website.

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Sebastián Gaggero is a Chilean sociologist with studies and practices in social action-research in the field of human communities and the generation of well-being. Disciple and apprentice of Humberto Maturana and Ximena Dávila for more than 15 years, he formed part of the development of the Cultural Biology of Human Existence, the understanding of human nature and coexistence. The main focus of his work and experience as a researcher has been to discover the relational dynamics that generate value and well-being in communities and organizations.


Dennis Sandow is a social scientist-practitioner, a practice he began in 1979 when he employed people with developmental disabilities who were subject to unimaginable abuse and neglect in state run institutions. The business he began in Bend, Oregon, was a research site for the University of Oregon and evidence from his business contributed to closing institutions in Oregon and new federal employment policies. Later Dennis joined the University of Oregon as a research assistant and was responsible for studying social impact using multiple methods including qualitative, quantitative and social network analysis. From this research history, Dennis invented social action research to study how we do what we do when we are living and working well together.

In 1997, Dennis met Humberto Maturana and began a wonderful friendship.

Host & Facilitator


Sadanand “SN” Ward Mailliard is a founder of Mount Madonna Center, and someone with deep appreciation for the brilliant research and work of Humberto Maturana. His intention as host for this program is to share in a dialogue format toward promoting a deeper understanding of Maturana’s brilliant work; work which, if it is understood, confronts us with the profound responsibility we have as we create the world in which we live.

Accommodations & Meals Rates

Fees are PER PERSON for all days of the retreat and include lodging and meals. (Tuition is additional.) Full descriptions of each type of room are provided below.

Accommodations Type Rate
Ram Cottage #1 - Reserve whole cottage for 2 people max.
Ram Cottage #1 - Single (1 person/room, 2 rooms); Shared Bath

Ram Cottage #1 - Double (2 people/room, 2 rooms); Shared Bath
Ram Cottage #2 - Single (1 person/room, 3 rooms); Shared Bath
Ram Cottage #2 - Double (2 people/room, 3 rooms); Shared Bath
Conference Center - Single Room (1 person/room) w/ Private Bath
Conference Center - Single Room (1 person/room); Shared Bath
Conference Center - Double in Room (2 people/room) w/ Private Bath
Conference Center - Double in Room (2 people/room); Shared Bath

Conference Center - Triple in Room (3 people/room); Shared Bath

Cabin - Single (1 person/cabin); Separate Shared Bath Facility

Cabin - Double (2 people/cabin); Separate Shared Bath Facility

Camp in Own Tent

Camp in Own Vehicle


Important Notes About Accommodations:

Double and triple rates are available ONLY to groups of 2 or 3 people who are staying in the same room. Please list the names of the people with whom you are sharing the room on the registration form.

  • If there is only 1 person staying in the room it is considered a Single.
  • If there are 2 people staying in the room it is considered a Double.
  • If there are 3 people staying in the room it is considered a Triple.

Please note that fees for accommodations will be based on actual room occupancy.

Prices stated here apply to this program only. Other retreat and program accommodations pricing may differ.


Guest Rooms

These tasteful rooms, some with ensuite bathrooms, are located in our Conference Center where there is wifi, two lovely courtyards with expansive views to read and relax in, and a full tea bar available at all times in the Conference wing of the building. All beds are single size, and sleep 1 person only. Single, double and triple rooms are hotel-style. Bathrooms and showers are centrally located on each floor.

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Rustic Cabins

These simple rustic cabins are located in our Oaks Campground. They are a short walk to the main area, but have a feeling of being more remote. Cabins have electricity and heat, but not wi-fi or indoor plumbing. A separate shower house is nearby, containing private showers and dressing rooms, and flush toilets.

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Ram Cottages

The Ram Cottages have easy access to the Wellness Center and many hiking trails. They are a short walk away from the central meeting buildings. Ram #1 offers two bedrooms, a small kitchen, bathroom, and shared living space with outdoor deck. Ram #2 sleeps 6 and offers a kitchenette, and a shared bathroom. All beds are single size, and sleep 1 person only.

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Own Vehicle

Spaces are available for your van, camper or other vehicle. Some have access to electricity, but no other hookups. Showers and restrooms are available in campgrounds and Center buildings.

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Tent Camping

Developed campsites are available for people who wish to bring their own tent. Sites offer access to showers and flush toilets and are available year-round. Please be aware that we can receive significant amounts of rain from November through May.

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Talks with Dr. Maturana

Biology of Love

What is the science of love? Reflections with Humberto Maturana. Sebastian Gaggero in conversation with Humberto Maturana about Biology of Love and the origin of humanness... by which they explore the understanding of love, languaging and the importance of these for Maturana’s career as a scientist.

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Reflecting about Epistemology and Reality

How do we know what we know? Reflections with Humberto Maturana. Here Sebastian Gaggero shares a conversation he had with Humberto Maturana about epistemology and reality.

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Humberto’s Understanding Revealed

How does he think? Reflections with Humberto Maturana Sebastian Gaggero in conversation with Humberto Maturana about the particular way in which Maturana observes and understands as a scientist. Together, they explore the particular aspects that contributed to Maturana’s successful and prolific career as a scientist.

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Re-membering Humberto Maturana, September 7 - 10, 2023

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​Financial Accessibility

Email scholarship request to:

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