Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2022

Yoga Sutra Online Weekend Course

Whether you are new to their study or have been focused on them for a long time, this class will bring the sutras to life in a new way.

Oct 4, 2022

Vijay Dasami 2022

Please join us as we immerse ourselves in the classic, timeless, devotional story of The Ramayana - Ram’s Way.

Oct 6 - 9, 2022

2022 Re-Union Retreat

Exploring Play: Release, Relax, Renew. Held around the solar anniversary of Baba Hari Dass’ shraddha, we will engage in practices, work, and play that honor his life and teachings.

Oct 10, 2022

Holiday on the Mountain | Day Visit

Mountain Experience - special date. Spend the day at Mount Madonna. Enjoy a guided walk and yoga class, leisure time, and general access to the Center and Temple grounds, as well as two meals in our community dining hall.

Oct 10 - 12, 2022

Pacific Environment Fall Retreat

Please visit presenter website for more info

Oct 13 - 14, 2022

Ayurveda Mini Course | Vikrti Vijnana 1 - Pathophysiology 1

Single Mini Course AY 305. Students learn the causes of disease, six stages of disease manifestation, disease pathways, classification of diseases, and signs and symptoms of disease. Students learn how to distinguish the disease from its symptoms and prioritize treatment protocols.

Oct 15 - 16, 2022

Ayurveda Mini Course | Manovaha Srotas - Ayurvedic Psychology

Single Mini Course AY 306. This course investigates the knowledge of the Mind, its functions, causative factors for pathological change, stages of pathology and various diseases presenting with psychological and physical symptoms. Students learn Ayurvedic therapies and recommendations including spiritual and subtle therapies of the sister sciences.

Oct 21 - 24, 2022

Fall Yoga Retreat with Danielle Fowler

Yoga guides us on a journey back home to our True Nature. Through movement, stillness, breathing and meditation, we begin to recalibrate our nervous system and gain a felt sense of peace within our body and mind. Coupled with the study and application of Yoga philosophy/psychology, we have the potential to reveal our own pure clarity and joy.

Oct 27 - 29, 2022

Compassion 2.0

Resilience: Caring for Self & Caring for Other

Nov 3 - 6, 2022

Fire Over Water - The Healer's Forum

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