Shivaratri Retreat

Feb 17 - 19, 2023


Join Us to Celebrate

You are invited to join us in celebrating Shivaratri, an auspicious time for purification and reconnecting with the Divine. Deepen your practice in the peaceful, spacious setting of Mount Madonna. Join the Shivaratri pujas (ritual and spiritual celebration) and program offerings on February 18 and all night into February 19.

All are welcome to attend arati twice a day, enjoy vegetarian meals, participate in meditation and/or asana classes, and learn about the history and symbolism of Shivaratri. Optional opportunities include walking/hiking on Mount Madonna’s trails, scheduling Ayurvedic treatments or massage at the Kaya Kalpa wellness center, and taking free time for quiet reflection or meditation.

The program begins on Friday, February 17 and will conclude on Sunday, February 19. You may elect to stay a 3rd night on Sunday, February 19 and receive a 20% discount. Please indicate in your registration that you would like to stay a third overnight. You may also contact Guest Services directly to book the additional night - email or call (408) 846-4090.

Some work-study opportunities are available. Please email if you are interested.


Shivaratri is a night that celebrates the Hindu deity Shiva on the lunar fortnight, when the moon is waning, in the month of February or March. This particular night is considered a time for consecration, dedication, and ultimately surrender of the mind to the Divine Presence in the form of Lord Shiva. This cold and dark time of year can be challenging for some and therefore it is considered one of the most important and auspicious times for spiritual aspirants to intensively pursue their practice. For millennia, Shivaratri rituals have provided a beautiful opportunity for millions of people throughout the world to reconnect with their spiritual aspirations.

The god Shiva has many symbolic names and forms, one of which is the Shiva lingam, a symbol of the formless universal divine principle. In our observance of Shivaratri in 2023, we will begin our ceremonies with a Parthiv Puja during which we will make 1008 clay lingams (an abstract or iconic representation) consecrated with mantra (chanting).

Following the Parthiv Puja we will commence at sunset an all-night vigil including Ganesh Puja, kirtan, meditation, storytelling, midnight yajna. In the early morning, a Maha Shivaratri Puja will conclude with submerging the 1008 lingams in the upper lake accompanied by prayers for Peace.

Through ritual, prayer, chanting, meditation and other austerities (such as fasting and staying up through the night) we purify the mind and offer our ignorance to Shiva, the aspect of God who is the remover or the destroyer. What is removed or destroyed is our erroneous identification as the individual self so that we may recognize our true identity, the Universal Self.

Babaji Offering Shiv Mandir 1987

“The aim of Shivaratri is dispassion.”

-Baba Hari Dass


Friday, February 17

  • 3:00 - 5:00pm Registration
  • 7:30pm Welcome & Orientation

Saturday, February 18

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm Parthiv Puja
  • 7:00 - 8:00pm Ganesh Puja

Sunday, February 19

  • 12:00 - 2:00am Shiva Puja & Mantra Yajna
  • 5:30 - 7:00am Maha Shivaratri Puja
  • 9:30 - 11:00am Bhoj (feast)
  • 1:00pm 2-day program ends

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2023 Shivaratri Retreat Prices

Fees are PER PERSON and include tuition, lodging, and meals for all days of the retreat. For full descriptions of each type of accommodation, please see images below.

Accommodations Type Rate
Ram Cottage #1 - Single (1 person/room, 2 rooms); Shared Bath

Ram Cottage #1 - Double (2 people/room, 2 rooms); Shared Bath
Ram Cottage #2 - Single (1 person/room, 3 rooms); Shared Bath
Ram Cottage #2 - Double (2 people/room, 3 rooms); Shared Bath
Conference Center - Single Room (1 person/room) w/ Private Bath
Conference Center - Single Room (1 person/room); Shared Bath
Conference Center - Double in Room (2 people/room) w/ Private Bath
Conference Center - Double in Room (2 people/room); Shared Bath

Conference Center - Triple in Room (3 people/room); Shared Bath

Cabin - Single (1 person/cabin); Separate Shared Bath Facility

Cabin - Double (2 people/cabin); Separate Shared Bath Facility

Own Vehicle


Important Notes About Accommodations:

Double and triple rates are available ONLY to groups of 2 or 3 people who are staying in the same room. Please list the names of the people with whom you are sharing the room on the registration form.

  • If there is only 1 person staying in the room it is considered a Single.
  • If there are 2 people staying in the room it is considered a Double.
  • If there are 3 people staying in the room it is considered a Triple.

Please note that fees for accommodations will be based on actual room occupancy.

Accommodations Descriptions

Guest Rooms

These tasteful rooms, some with ensuite bathrooms, are located in our Conference Center where there is wifi, two lovely courtyards with expansive views to read and relax in, and a full tea bar available at all times in the Conference wing of the building. All beds are single size, and sleep 1 person only. Single, double and triple rooms are hotel-style. Bathrooms and showers are centrally located on each floor.

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Rustic Cabins

These simple, rustic cabins are located in our Oaks Campground. They are a short walk to the main area, but have a feeling of being more remote. Cabins have electricity and heat, but not wi-fi nor indoor plumbing. There are two single beds per cabin that each sleep 1 person only. A separate shower house is nearby, containing private showers and dressing rooms, and flush toilets.

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Ram Cottages

The Ram Cottages have easy access to the Wellness Center and many hiking trails. They are a short walk away from the central meeting buildings. Ram #1 offers two bedrooms, a small kitchen, bathroom, and shared living space with outdoor deck. Ram #2 sleeps 6 and offers a kitchenette, and a shared bathroom. All beds are single size, and sleep 1 person only.

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Own Vehicle

Spaces are available for your van, camper or other vehicle. Some have access to electricity, but no other hookups. Showers and restrooms are available in campgrounds and Center buildings.

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Tent Camping

Due to the weather, camping will not be available during this retreat.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Some work-study opportunities are available. Please email if you are interested.

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