Yoga Diwali India: A Cultural Immersion

Nov 5 - 17, 2020

Come practice yoga amid the joy of Sri Ram Ashram

Join us where the Ganges River meets the Himalayas of Northern India. Experience the country's most joyful festival season while deepening your practice of yoga. Begin your adventure with a one-day cultural tour of Dehli. Then off to Haridwar, where you will live and experience Sri Ram Ashram. Explore local towns and villages, while connecting with over sixty children who call the ashram home.

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During your journey you will experience

Ydi 01 Classical Yoga

Classical Ashtanga Yoga

Morning group practice of pranayama, meditation, asana and theory.

Ydi 02 Ashram Life

Ashram Life

Living and interacting with the children and staff of Sri Ram Ashram amid their daily lives.

Ydi 03 Local Tours

Local Tours

Visiting and learning about local temples and auspicious sites steeped in the ancient culture of India.

Ydi 04 Festival Season

Festival Season

Join our Sri Ram Ashram family as we celebrate the light within and without during India’s vibrant festival season.

“The Sri Ram Ashram experience is a grand adventure of the heart, the mind and spirit. Allow yourself to be surprised.“ ~ Frances

MOUNT MADONNA CENTER’S connection with India and Sri Ram Ashram runs deep as both entities were inspired and nurtured by Baba Hari Dass. For nearly 40 years, under Babaji’s guidance, Mount Madonna Center has served as a container for spiritual development and the practice of Ashtanga Yoga while Sri Ram Ashram has served as a refuge for children.

*This program offers credits towards YTT300 for MMI students.

TUITION: $1,850.00 includes two nights in Delhi; ten days of all inclusive stay at Sri Ram Ashram; all land travel and tours, including, bus tours, trains, and airport transfer on arrival (not departure); all meals except 2 lunches in Rishikesh and Delhi.

Ask us about our Early Bird (deposit by July 1) and Alumni discount!

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Start Your Journey

The Sri Ram Ashram family, along with the Mount Madonna Yoga teachers, and senior students of Baba Hari Dass welcome you to Yoga Diwali 2020!

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