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Letting go of Anxiety, Fear and Depression
March 20-22, 20-25
Amelia Barili

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Commuting $415 $945
Own Tent $441 $1010
Own Van $441 $1010
Dormitory $501 $1160
Triple $531 $1235
Double $575 $1345
Double w/ Bath $615 $1445
Single $635 $1495
Single w/ Bath $699 $1655

If you have a physical disability that limits where you can be housed, please note this in “Additional Requests” below.

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Important Notes

  • Balance is due on arrival (Visa, MasterCard, cash or check only).
  • Cancellations made at least 2 weeks before your reservation date are fully refundable. Cancellations made 2 weeks to 48 hours prior to arrival date will be charged a $50 processing fee and the remaining payment will be held as a credit toward a future personal retreat or program. There are no refunds for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your reservation date.
  • This form does not automatically reserve your spot for the program. You are not registered until we receive your deposit. If the program is full, your deposit will be refunded.
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