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Healing Art of Deep Bodywork
October 29 - November 3
Johanna Holloman and Perry Holloman

The housing prices below are the total charges for lodging, meals, and use of the facilities.

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Housing Choice

  • Indicate your first and second choices for housing.
  • We will do our best to honor your choices. If neither is available, we will assign the next best option, and waitlist you.
  • Prices are the total charge including meals, lodging, and use of facilities.
  • Camp sites are walk-in style with parking nearby.

  • If you have a physical disability that limits where you can be housed, please note this in “Additional Requests” below.
  • All individuals must be registered separately.
1st 2nd Housing Cost
Single Cottage 1 $2650
Single w/ Bath $2240
Single Cottage 2 $2175
Double Cottage 1 $2150
Single $1975
Double w/ Bath $1870
Single in Cabin $1830
Double Cottage 2 $1825
Double $1715
Double in Cabin $1675
Triple $1555
Own Van $1310
Own Tent $1310
Commuting $1245

If you are sharing your housing with someone, put their name here:

  1. Make sure that they register separately.

If given a choice, would you prefer a cabin or a room?
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  1. As we work to recover from Covid closures and related expenditures, we invite you to consider making a donation to Mount Madonna Center. Your gift will support stewardship of this vibrant learning community, inspirational environment, and sacred land.
    Mount Madonna Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. EIN #51-0174679

Dietary Restrictions

Please note any dietary restrictions you have such as vegan, gluten free, allergies, etc:

Additional Requests

Include the following in your additional requests:
  • Arrival and/or departure dates if they differ from your program's.

Important Notes

  • This program is for adults only - please do not bring your children.
  • * Cancellation by September 17, 2023: receive a full refund.
    * Cancellation after September 17 but before October 1, 2023 - two options: receive a tuition refund of $650 ($850 minus a $200 administrative fee) OR apply tuition of $750 ($850 minus a $100 administrative fee) to the next calendared Deep Bodywork class. When rebooking, an additional administrative fee of $100 will be charged.
    * Cancellation after October 1, 2023: No refund. Option to apply $750 tuition ($850 minus a $100 administrative fee) to the next calendared Deep Bodywork class. When rebooking, an additional administrative fee of $100 will be charged.
  • This form does not automatically reserve your spot for the program. If the program is full, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Housing is not always available. Do not finalize your travel plans until you have received a housing confirmation from Mount Madonna Center.
  • We will be sending you a confirmation email. Don't let it end up in your spam folder. Add the following addresses to your list of acceptable emails: