Yoga, Service and Community at Mount Madonna Center

Community Life at Mount Madonna Center

"The main aim of life is to attain peace.
At the Land we are doing various things,
but underneath it, there is our main aim.

–Baba Hari Dass

People are drawn to community living in order to discover and fulfill common goals. At Mount Madonna Center the primary goal is to attain peace. Community life, guided by the spiritual discipline of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Baba Hari Dass, provides a supportive environment for those who share this aspiration. We accept all those who share the common goal of peace and are willing to co-operate in a community life based on the ideal of karma yoga or selfless service.

Babaji has written:

"The path of Karma Yoga or selfless service develops equanimity of the mind. It always purifies the mind by weakening selfish desires, attachment and ego. So a Karma Yogi's effort will never be a waste of time and energy. By its regular practice, one can attain liberation. The Center is the setting for our practice of Karma Yoga. The community residents have responsibility for the growth, development and maintenance of the Center, its programs, and its school." – Baba Hari Dass

Selfless Service

The term Karma Yoga is often used at the Center to describe the work that we do here. Karma Yoga is both an ideal and a practice. Karma Yoga translates literally as "yoga of action", which aims to reduce our self interest to the minimum by working as a self-dedicated duty without attachment to the fruits of our labor. It is often translated as selfless service. The Center is a place where we can begin our practice of Karma Yoga. It should not be confused with the work exchange that we all do as members of a community. The spirit of Karma Yoga is a mental attitude that we are trying to cultivate as we do our work exchange, and, indeed, in all of our life. In each step we try to be aware of our self interest and surrender the fruits of our labor. Working without pay may or may not be Karma Yoga depending on the attitude of the person doing the work. In the same way working for pay does not exclude the possibility of doing Karma Yoga at the same time. A person practicing Karma Yoga is developing all the positive qualities such as cooperation, kindness, cheerfulness, honesty, sacrifice, devotion, etc.

"The best way to attain peace is through Karma Yoga.
It serves two purposes.
First it takes care of the world and second
it creates non-attachment to the world.

–Baba Hari Dass


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