Explore Your Mountaintop Refuge

Sacred Ground

The Center has always been a sacred space, from the early Native American Ohlone days to the Italian stone masons who saw the apparition of the Madonna in the forest.

It’s a place of natural magic and power and a place of personal transformation where people can find their authentic selves through practice, study, community, and service.

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General Information

Day Visitors

Retreat and Program Guests

  • All program participants are welcome to enjoy all parts of the land and center, including hiking trails, practice spaces, and freshly prepared vegetarian meals.
  • To stay overnight and enjoy all of the above amenities without joining one of our offered programs, consider taking a Personal Retreat.

View all upcoming programs.

Community Guidelines

  • View our updated Covid-19 Guidelines here.
  • Please, no food, drugs, alcohol, pets, incense, candles or other flammables.
  • Please do not wear scented body products, as these cause severe toxic reactions in some people.

Frequently Asked Questions

View more detailed information on our FAQ page.

Covid-19 Update

Hours Open to the Public

  • Monday - Saturday 6am - 7pm
  • Sundays from 4pm - 7pm

Reservations Required on Weekends

  • The Center requires reservations for all day visitors. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate unreserved guests. Reserve your space.

Welcome to Downtown Mount Madonna

Oceanview Books & Gifts

Lose (and find!) yourself in our vast selection of spiritual and personal development literature. In addition to books, we carry meditation and Yoga supplies, statuary, sundries, and a beautiful hand-picked selection of gifts including cards, music, clothing, malas, jewelry, and more.

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The Cafe is a cozy space that welcomes guests and community members to share conversation and inspiration over a cup of chai (or cardamom rose latte if you like!). We are committed to utilizing high quality ingredients, prioritizing fair trade, organic, and sustainable when possible.

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Sankaṭ Mochan Hanumān Temple

Welcoming people of all faiths, the Sankaṭ Mochan Hanumān Temple provides a space for devotion, contemplation, and gathering. Join us for Ārati, a ceremony or offering of light performed twice daily.


Free Weekly Yoga

We are dedicated to making these ancient wisdom teachings and practices in yoga available to our community, guests, and visitors. We are happy to offer them in the spirit they were given to us, freely and with the aim of peace.

Yoga Schedule

Āyurveda World

Our Āyurvedic store specializes in skillfully prepared formulas, oils, and tinctures, and carries a large selection of herbs.


Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center

Relax and unwind with a massage or Āyurvedic spa treatment at our rustic, nourishing wellness center amongst the redwoods.


Commitment to Sustainability

Mount Madonna Center's Sustainability Council works to align the daily operations of the Center with the practice of ahimsa (non-violence) and our deep commitment to environmental stewardship. We thank you for contributing to this process!

We enact our values of stewardship and care for the earth through:

• Reducing water consumption through education, innovative tools, and infrastructure
• Utilizing solar energy to supply more than 50% of the Center's energy needs
• Reducing solid waste by recycling, composting, education and mindful consumption
• Implementing best practices for recycling, energy efficiency, and water conservation
• Purchasing locally grown, organic food, whenever possible
• Pursuing recertification as a Green Business

Planning Your Visit

We welcome visitors from all over the world to enjoy the land, sink in and reconnect.

Please visit our FAQ page for more detailed information regarding meals, accommodations and center guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions