ONLINE Liberation Yoga Retreat | July 1-4, 2021

Re-emergence and Renewal

Dear Ones,

As Spring has arrived and vaccinations are made available, many of us are finding ourselves reflecting deeply about this remarkable time, what it has meant for us personally and what it has meant for our families, communities, nations… the world.

Like the journey and the return, have we taken the time needed to consider and acknowledge what we have gone through? What have we learned? How have we changed? How do we want to move forward?

Like a river in spring thaw, how are we emerging and flowing back into the world?

  • Classes: pranayama, meditation, asana, hand mudras
  • Conversations on the theme of Re-emergence and Renewal
  • The Cafe: opportunity to visit informally
  • Evening livestream of Arati (ritual of light) and Kirtan
  • 4th of July Yajna - sacred fire ceremony for liberation & peace
2021 Dates:

Main thing is regular sadhana, the anchor of the boat of life.

All other things appear in life and disappear. Life goes on.

~Baba Hari Dass~

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Join us ONLINE July 2021

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There is an opportunity for 20 people to join onsite for the retreat as we begin our soft opening at MMC.

Classes will still be online, however participants will be able attend the livestream events of Arati and Yajna at the Temple, and enjoy meals and walks on the land.

If more than 20 people wish to attend onsite, there will be a lottery and names chosen on June 8th.

If you're interested, please email for rates and further information.