Mount Madonna Experience

Immerse Yourself in Community Living

At the heart of MMC is a vibrant and diverse residential community. We invite you to join us for a few days and experience life as we live it. Enjoy the majesty of the land, explore and relax, and participate with us in practice, study, work, and play!

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Many Ways to Practice

Our teacher, Baba Hari Dass, taught that there are many paths to yoga. The variety and depth of practices he exemplified are well represented here at MMC.

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  • Yoga classes are offered each morning, consisting of pranayama (breath control), dhyana (meditation), and asana (postures). When the room is not being used for class, it is available for your own personal practice whenever it suits you.
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  • The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple holds a devotional service called arati at sunrise and sunset every day, and provides a peaceful environment for quiet reflection throughout the day.
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  • Karma Yoga (union through action), has always been a core practice in our community. Depending on what is happening on any particular day, the community will be engaged in various work projects involving people of all levels of skill and experience. Working together without thought of personal gain is one of the most fulfilling practices in our self development and we warmly welcome you to join in the fun.

Grow Your Knowledge

Another of our long-standing traditions is the weekly study of classical texts. From over 40 years of question and answer with Babaji in these classes, his commentary on the scriptures of India have evolved to accommodate the Western mind. His depth of wisdom and delightful sense of humor have made these important teachings accessible to thousands of people. Now, this format continues, led by a panel of Babaji's long-time students, including chanting of verses, reading of the translation and commentary, and an open discussion.

  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali — every Tuesday, 9:15 — 10:30am
  • Bhagavad Gita — every Thursday, 9:15 — 10:30am

Rest and Relax

Take a walk on one of our many trails through the 355 acres of redwood forest, or simply take the time to slow down and enjoy the peaceful and healing natural environment. Soak in the hot tub, book a massage or treatment at the Kaya Kalpa Welness Center, and visit the Ayurveda World Herb Store.

Anjaneya's World Cafe provides snacks, cold and hot drinks, and a welcoming environment for socializing with friends, new and old.

Your Sacred Space

Some rooms include a private bathroom with shower. Others have access to nearby shared (but private while in use) bathrooms and showers.

Cabins are located in a forest grove, and include electricity and heat, but not indoor plumbing. A separate shower house with private shower and dressing rooms, and clean, well-ventilated privies is nearby.

Campgrounds are located in secluded redwood groves and have running water, tents provided by the Center, and tent sites for your own tent.

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Contact for more details. Tuition: starting at $165 including meals and lodging for 3 nights.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • Arati at the Temple or Yoga class in the Redwood Yoga Room
  • Community Sadhana Practice (pranayama, meditation, and asana)
  • Breakfast
  • Community Circle
  • Free time / Work study / Karma Yoga Projects
  • Lunch / Tea Time
  • Dinner
  • Evening events — kirtan (devotional singing), movie night, story night, game night, etc.