Annual New Years Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Turning to the Light...forever beyond the darkness

For many of us, the inner call to turn toward the light has been the call of our lifetime. It has beckoned us forward on our spiritual path…the journey to our true nature, the radiant divine light within.

Let’s begin the year with a renewed sense of well being as we join in satsang (company of truth seekers) to practice the teachings of classical Ashtanga Yoga and explore the ways these ancient methods help us find the way back to our inner nature of peace, love, and contentment.

  • Classes: pranayama, meditation, asana, hand mudras
  • Conversations on the theme of turning to the light
  • The Cafe: opportunity to visit informally
  • Evening livestream of Arati, ritual of light
  • New Year’s Eve celebration! Including kirtan, dance, livestream gospel, chanting & meditation transitioning to the new year
  • New Year’s Day Yajna - sacred chant for world peace
2021-2022 Dates & Schedule TBA:

Just as a thick cloud covers the sun blocking its light and heat, the mind-body complex hides the glory of the Self.

~Baba Hari Dass~

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Sudhir On Hillside
Om Park
Stretching On Trail
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