Tantra Yoga Retreat

Annual Yoga Retreats

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Annual Yoga Retreats

An Exploration Into the Self

Delve into the ancient traditions of tantra yoga in this three-day intensive retreat. The weekend includes three mornings of Bhairabi Chakra Sadhana, a comprehensive group practice of pranayama, mudra, meditation and asana. Steeped in ritual and practiced in a circle, or chakra, this sadhana connects us with our essential nature.

Afternoons include classes exploring the roots of tantra as one of the oldest yogic traditions. Enjoy free time for reflection, walks in nature and integration. A guided active meditation practice of mask making, representing the individual ego, is practiced each evening. The closing ceremony and fire provides an opportunity to surrender our masks (and ego) to the Divine.

Shiva Shakti Ardhanarishwara

Said to be one of the oldest of all yoga traditions, Tantra uses the senses to move beyond the senses.

In the human body, there are several energy centers containing latent psychic powers. These energy centers are called chakras. If activated, they hold potential for attaining enlightenment.

In tantric methods, the practice of pranayama (control of the breath) is absolutely essential. By pranayama, the kundalini (a cosmic force coiled up in the base chakra), which is usually latent, is awakened. Through this awakening, a state of bliss and union with our highest Self is available to us.

Daily Schedule Includes

  • Arati (Ceremony of Light)
  • Bhairabi Chakra Sadhana (A guided tantra practice of pranayama, meditation, mudra, and asana)
  • Free time for reflection
  • Tantra philosophy
  • Mask making meditation
Mask Burning Meditation Om
Painting Mask
Sunset Nye
People In Bhujangasana
Masks Burning

Practicing Ancient Wisdom

To attain the state of perfect bliss is the ultimate goal of tantra. Tantra holds that the body is the abode of truth, the epitome of the universe; and so we contain within ourselves the truth of the whole cosmos. Therefore the body, with its physiological and physical processes, becomes the perfect medium (yantra) to attain truth.

– Baba Hari Dass