Faith and Devotion

Talks with Babaji

How do we understand Krishna's comment that a person of knowledge is more dear to him?

God is unconditional, all-pervasive, eternal love. A person of knowledge loves God, so God's presence is always in that person's heart which is divine love. That divine love is projecting out through the person. If we say that God chooses to love the wise person, then it means that God discriminates. If God is all-pervasive, then God has no reason to choose.

So even if we use an impersonal concept of God like love, is that still within the realm of the mind?

Love is expressed and felt through the mechanics of mind.

It seems that the Bhagavad Gita is about war in conjunction with the spiritual teachings. What about the concept of love? Is that there anywhere?

Love is a state of mind not polluted by selfish desires. If love is conditional, then it is selfishness. Pure love is like a light which spreads out equally for everyone. Love cannot develop as long as inner demons are not killed. This is the war in the Gita.

The battle is also a metaphor for an internal struggle that goes on between our positive and negative qualities. It's a symbolic story that brings that out in an understandable and exciting form.

In each person, there is a pure consciousness which we refer to as divine consciousness. There is also an ego consciousness which is not pure because it works with our self interest only. So God is dwelling in everyone in two forms. If we use the ego consciousness for the good of others, then we progress. If we use it only for worldly achievements, then we get trapped. We are born with a conditioning and that conditioning is "I am this mind-body complex." The ego expresses this conditioning and creates its own bondage. We are also born with faith and devotion. That is also conditioning of the mind. But the spiritual conditioning deconditions worldly conditioning.

So the struggle is between two forces and that is the war.


In history, saints are spoken of as compassion and infinite love. You speak of dispassion.

Compassion is unconditional love. Without dispassion, everything is conditioned by the mind and ego. So unconditional love or compassion cannot develop without dispassion to one's self interest. So compassion and dispassion coexist.

What is a good way to express love that isn't through the ego?

Love is an expression of ego but when it is unconditional and unselfish, that is pure love or universal love.

How can you focus on universal love as a form of meditation?

In a form of peace. When restlessness of the mind subsides,, that is peace and that is meditation.

Where does Krishna live now?

Krishna lives in the devotional actions of the devotees. Krishna represents the higher self within. Without the higher self within, no activity is possible.

Could you talk a little more about devotion to our spiritual ideals?

We create our spiritual ideals or spiritual disciplines. As long as we devotedly practice those disciplines, we will not get snatched by worldliness. First comes the aim. Then you carry the lantern of will power. The path you tread is full of thorns, rocks, and so on. You wear the shoes of faith and devotion. Will, faith, and devotion together take you to the destination.