Talks with Babaji

If one is ill, is it normal to desire to be well and still at the same time to accept God's will?

We want to live and live in joy and happiness. It's natural, but when it doesn't happen even after our efforts, then we surrender.

There's a belief in the New Age community that you create all your life's experiences. Do you create all the pain and illness in your life or is it just a samskara from another life?

Everything is created by samskara. But samskaras are seeds. They grow only in a conducive soil. We can change the soil; that is all.

In speaking of how to overcome fear, you said when we accept we also create another trap of attachment. Can you give an example?

Any experience which is enjoyable we accept with attachment which gives rise to addiction.

What about the experiences that are not enjoyable like sickness and pain?

That is surrender because it's not within our power.

How does one surrender to God?

Our ego is the owner of our mind, body, actions, etc. This ego has no full control. It is limited in its powers. When it finds out its limitations, then it seeks for some higher power. The method of seeking is devotion to God which includes surrender.

When we have a lustful or negative thought, what can we do in that very moment to remove it from the mind?

Whenever any unspiritual thought arises, we can remove that thought by bringing the divine presence within. How to bring the divine presence? By regular practice of surrender.

I am wondering about contentment and surrender and how to discriminate properly to make positive choices in my life.

These all bring the spirit of surrender. What is surrender? When a king loses the battle, he surrenders. When our ego loses the battle, then it surrenders.