Annual Yoga Retreats

Timeless Traditions at Mount Madonna

In 1973, before Mount Madonna Center was founded, a group of students began coming together in retreat to study the classical traditions of Aṣhṭānga Yoga under the guidance of Baba Hari Dass. Babaji shared his wisdom and time freely, imparting a vast body of yoga methods and philosophy. As a community of volunteers and teachers, we continue to share these teachings.

Our annual yoga retreats provide a rich opportunity for personal growth, for learning yogic methods, and for experiencing the well-being of body, mind and spirit in connecting with oneself and other like-minded individuals. We welcome you to join us as we tread this ancient path to peace!

Annual Retreats

Liberation Retreat

Liberation Retreat

Join with us as we dive deep in our practice and study of yoga. We’ll explore the universal practices of Sādhana (daily practice), Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Satsang (spiritual community) as a means of cultivating peace of mind, peace in our lives and peace in the world. Retreats highlights include: in-depth discussions and presentations along with diverse perspectives on the theme of liberation. Daily sunrise and sunset ceremony of lights (Ārati) at Sankaṭ Mochan Hanumān Temple, daily meditation and prāṇāyāma, multiple āsana class options, evening kīrtan, dancing and bhakti celebration.

Upasana Retreat

Upasana Retreat

OFFERED SPRING 2021: Upasana is a devotional approach for attaining peace. It includes chanting of Sanskṛit prayers, scriptural study, yoga methods, rituals, and other practices to awaken the spiritual heart. Each morning participants will gather to practice these techniques in a traditionally prescribed format. Silence is observed until brunch each day; afternoons include study of yoga philosophy and practice of asana; evenings include mantra and other devotional themes. For beginning students and long-time practitioners alike, this is a wonderful opportunity to go deep in focused practices.


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