Non-Attachment and Liberation

Talks with Babaji

About the narrow path of nonattachment. Is it suggesting that the loneliness that each of us feels should be embraced, that it's really the reality? To attain that peace you walk through very narrow lane of nonattachment. On that lane only one can walk.

No one can share the path of liberation. Everyone creates one's own path. If ten people meditate together, will their minds stay on the same level? No, their latencies (samskaras) will put them on different levels.

I think that one reason for craving is to fulfill survival needs and another level of craving is to cover up the loneliness. In our culture we have decided to say that only what we see and feel is real. Is this state of being alone really the reality that we all have to accept? Is that experience peaceful when we have accepted it? Should one look to being alone as the source of peace?

Alone in the mind and not in our physical living situation.

That can be pretty crowded.

It is crowded. You have to sneak out by understanding the spirit of non-attachment.